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For over 12 years, we have engineered, designed, installed, and serviced automated insect misting systems, ranging in size from small balconies, residences, private islands, and as large as 100+ acre livestock ranches. We have always succeeded in the effective elimination of all targeted insects.

Our systems consist of a series of precision made nickel plated stainless steel high pressure misting nozzles. These nozzles are installed, almost invisibly, around the perimeter of the specified area, and in the interior of landscaping. All nozzles are connected by a nylon fluid tubing, and are fed by way of our unit. The unit is comprised of a 1/2 H.P. motor, a 140 gallon per hour pump, and controlled by a timer. Our timer allows for the setting of up to 96 scheduled spray times, for durations of 5-180 seconds each.

Additionally, every system come with a long range radio frequency remote, for additional discretionary spraying as desired by the operator. Our typical system will spray for 30-45 seconds 6-10 times a day, depending on the specific needs of the customer, and the pests targeted.

We rely on a natural Pyrethrum solution, safe for use around people, pets and food, but deadly to all insects. Our natural Pyrethrum solution delivers immediate knockdown and kill.

Depending on the size of the system (number of nozzles, size of the area), most systems will require a refill of the Pyrethrum solution on a monthly basis. The service, maintenance, and refilling of solution can be carried out by your staff, or a Mosquito Works representative.

Please contact us for more information on our mosquito repellant systems.